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no more - 2013-11-04- 12:42 p.m.

My soon to be ex husband has been reading this and using it against me and my buddy. Dory told me he told him that he is hung up on Cindy and I know that. He is not pursueing me and he all but called him a iiar. Dory is rather pissed off. The fact is that Tat's life is a wrexk its because he wrecked it. Dory had nothing to do with his choices or the consequences of them.

I told Dory I am sorry that he never should have gooten a message from him and will get no more cause I will not write in this thing anymore.

Dory said there is nothing to be sorry for cause he honestly does not care what he thinks at this point. He has spent the last few weeks talking to women who were crying and confussed because of his decisions. If it somehow makes him feel better to blame him so be it. He knows the truth.

I told him I stopped crying now cause I made up my mind I want a divorce.

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